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Operation Blue Roof installs 30,000 temporary roofs in Puerto Rico

Published Dec. 30, 2017

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, overseeing the Operation Blue Roof mission in Puerto Rico, has installed more than 30,000 temporary roofs in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. 

The past three days have seen records in terms of installations completed since the first temporary roof was installed, with crews averaging more than 800 installations daily from Dec. 27 to 30. 

Operation Blue Roof provides temporary roofing intended to last 30 days and provide the homeowner an opportunity to find a permanent fix. Certain requirements must be met to be eligible, such as the home not having a flat roof or structural damage exceeding 50 percent. 

USACE estimates 75,000 homes in Puerto Rico are eligible, and the opportunity to complete a Right-of-Entry form to determine eligibility has been extended a third time to Jan. 10, 2018. 

Residents must complete ROE forms so assessments can be made of their home, which gets the process started to install the reinforced plastic sheeting. 

The end of the Blue Roof sign up period also applies to those residents who had an assessment completed that resulted in a disqualified status due to damages beyond the limits in the eligibility criteria. If that homeowner makes repairs to become eligible they must put in a new request for temporary roof repairs before the Jan. 10 at midnight deadline. This can be done by contacting the call center. 

Residents should NOT fill out an additional ROE if one was already submitted and approved. 

For more information call 888-ROOF-BLU (888-766-3258), or email 

The call center is open from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., 7 days a week (closed New Year's Day).

Patrick Loch

Release no. 17-129