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SACS Draft Reports

The SACS Draft Report and appendices were available for comment from October 15 through November 15 for a 30-day comment period. Thank you to those that provided comments during the review period. We will reach out to follow up, as necessary. The SACS Team is reviewing all comments received in preparation for the Final Report.

SACS Main Report Outreach Appendix Florida Appendix Puerto Rico Appendix
Engineering Appendix Alabama Appendix Mississippi Appendix South Carolina Appendix
Geospatial Appendix Georgia Appendix North Carolina Appendix U.S. Virgin Islands Appendix
Draft Recommendations Summary Spreadsheet

USACE hosted Draft Report Roll-out Webinars. These webinars provided a brief overview of the SACS, including an overview of the Final Draft SACS Main Report and its associated products. Each webinar was focused on a particular state or territory, providing regional findings, strategies, recommendations, and information on the comment collection process. PowerPoint presentations can be found in the Presentations portion of the website below.

Technical Study Products

There will be a total of 12 study products in this study. Information on each technical product will be provided here when available.

SACS Key Products Placemat

Coastal Hazards System

Coastal Hazard System
Provides wave and water levels derived from numerical modeling.

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Study data and additional information of various SACS products, including the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Risk Assessment, Environmental Analysis, and more...

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SACS Tier 1 Risk Assessment

SACS Tier 1 Risk Assessment A regional-level analysis of potential flooding risk in coastal areas

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Regional Sediment Management (RSM) Optimization Update

RSM Update 
Identifies and quantifies total contribution of RSM principles to projects in the SACS study area that support long-term coastal resiliency.

View 2020 RSM Optimization Update

Sand Availability and Needs Determination (SAND)

SAND Report
Quantifies the need and availability of sand to maintain sediment for current beach nourishment projects within the SACS study area through the next 40 years

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SACS Tier 2 Economic Risk Assessment

Tier 2 Economic Risk AssessmentEstimated storm surge inundation risk expressed as dollar damages to public and private property and limited critical infrastructure.

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View Draft Tier 2 Economic Risk Assessment Report

Coastal Program Guide

Outreach and information package to help communities better leverage needed resources on a disaster-wide, statewide, or community-wide basis.

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Institutional & Other Barriers Report

Document identifies institutional and other barriers to providing comprehensive protection for affected coastal areas.

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SACS Environmental Technical Report

Priority Environmental Area Identification

The ‘SACS Environmental Technical Report: Environmental Resources Vulnerability and Risk Analysis and Priority Area Identification’ identifies areas of environmental risk, priority environmental areas, and includes an appendix dedicated to cultural resources

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View SACS Cultural Resource Appendix

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Planning Aid Report

Planning Aid Report
Report of priority biological resource habitats in the South Atlantic region that are vulnerable to harm from coastal storms and sea level rise with a focus on areas used by federally-listed species. Report will also include a description of risk to coastal National Wildlife Refuges

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Focus Area Action Strategies (FAAS)


FAAS will use SACS products in combination with other resources to develop actionable risk reduction strategies with stakeholders. FAAS will serve as examples of how vulnerabilities in other high risk locations can be addressed.

Measures & Cost Library


Detailed list of CSRM measures and their costs developed to a screening level for use in USACE and stakeholder planning

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Study Overview

The study will be modeled closely after the North Atlantic Coast Comprehensive Study (NACCS), a Congressional response and precedent-setting vulnerability and flood risk-reduction study completed for the north Atlantic coastline in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The study will conduct regional analyses of coastal risk and identify initial measures/costs that can address vulnerabilities with emphasis on regional sediment management (RSM) as an actionable strategy to sustainably maintain or enhance current levels of coastal storm risk reduction.

SACS Review Plan

Study Goals


Statement of Study Area


Latest Updates

Quarterly Progress Briefing
A quarterly progress briefing was held April 25, 2022 from 2 – 3 p.m. EST. The webinar discussed status of the various SACS products and provided examples of how the products are currently being used. A recording of the webinar is provided below.
Letters of Support

In accordance with Watershed planning guidance, District teams will be reaching out, as needed, to agencies and organizations for letters of support or concurrence on recommended actions. A letter template and the current working list of recommendations are available below.

Letter Template
Working Draft Recommendations

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Study Schedule

  • August 2018 – Study Initiation
  • August 2019 – Shared Vision Milestone
  • August 2021- Recommendations Milestone
  • October 2021 – Draft Watershed Plan/Report
  • August 2022 – Final Watershed Plan


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