South Atlantic Division Missions

South Atlantic Division Boundary MapSOUTH ATLANTIC DIVISION

Room 9M15, 60 Forsyth St., SW • Atlanta, GA 30303-8801 • Tel: (404) 562-5011

The Corps of Engineers’ South Atlantic Division is one of eight regional offices of the Corps overseeing military and water-resources design, construction, and operation in the eight states in the Southeast, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. The division has five districts located in Wilmington, N.C.; Charleston, S.C.; Savannah, Ga.; Jacksonville, Fla.; and Mobile, Ala.

The South Atlantic Division designs and builds major military facilities for the Army and Air Force in the Southeast. Serving 11 major Army posts and 13 Air Force bases, the division builds barracks, hospitals, office buildings, commissaries, and other facilities to meet the needs of the American military. Within the division boundaries, 32 percent of the stateside Army and 18 percent of the Air Force find their home, and four major commands have their headquarters. The Mobile and Savannah Districts handle military programs for the division.

Thirty-three multiple-purpose projects in the Southeast provide citizens with flood control, hydroelectric power, water supply, recreation, navigation, and wildlife enhancement. The South Atlantic Division operates and maintains more than 6,000 miles of federal navigable channel and 29 major harbors in the region. The division also has a growing environmental-restoration workload, including the largest single environmental-restoration project in the world, the Everglades Restoration in South Florida.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers works in concert with the private sector in accomplishing its military and water- resources programs. By contracting with architect-engineer, construction, and many other types of companies, the South Atlantic Division designs, builds, and operates dams, waterways, buildings, recreational, and other facilities throughout the region.