Shoreline Management

Title 10 United States Code (USC) 2695 authorizes the collection of administrative expenses for certain real estate transactions. This authority allows administrative fees to be collected and credited as a reimbursement to the appropriation from which the expense is incurred. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) reservoirs within the South Atlantic Division (SAD) began assessing administrative fees to cover administrative expenses for issuing licenses authorizing facilities and activities associated with the Shoreline Management Program in 2006.  Shoreline Use Permit fees of $35 and fair market value fees (rent) have been collected since 1974. With Implementation of Division Regulation SADR 1130-1-15 dated 1 December 2015, Shoreline Management at South Atlantic Division Civil Works Projects, all new permits and licenses issued on or after 1 January 2016 are issued as separate documents; a permit for floating facilities and a real estate license to authorize certain land-based activities on Federal lands.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does this administrative fee cover and how was the amount determined?

The administrative fee covers the cost incurred by the government. The fee is based on the regional average cost of project and Real Estate staff to issue the license and ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the document.


What does the Shoreline Use Permit cover? What does the Real Estate License Cover?

The Shoreline Use Permit authorizes boat docks, non-disruptive vegetation modification, and erosion control structures. The Real Estate License authorizes private minor land-based facilities/activities, such as dock anchorage, improved walkways, steps, and utility rights-of-way on fee land.


What law or regulation authorizes the Corps to charge an administrative fee?

Title 10 United States Code 2695 authorizes the Government to recover its costs for providing services relating to certain real property transactions. The administrative fees collected are then used to support the administration of the permit/license program.


Does the Corps charge an administrative fee for other Real Estate transactions?

Yes. It is standard practice to charge an administrative fee for all real estate transactions, including licenses.


Why should I be charged a fee for the use of public property?

Public land is for everyone’s use. There is no public benefit when the Corps issues a permit/license for the placement of a private facility on public property. The administrative fee reflects the costs incurred by the Government to issue the permit/licenses.


Do you offer a monthly, or annual payment plan, so that permit holders don’t have to pay the whole fee up front?

The instruments are issued for 5-year terms. Regulatory guidance requires full payment at the beginning of the process. However, if you were to put the money aside monthly, the fee breaks down to just $13.92 per month, or $167.00 per year.

Fee Schedule – effective 1 January, 2020

ADMINISTRATIVE FEES for docks and other facilities (5-Year Term)

New Permit/License1 (or new owner of existing facility) $835
Re-issue Permit/License1 (to same owner of existing facility) $835
Vegetative Modification (non-disruptive) $10
Erosion Control3 $0


Dock Anchorage $0
Utility rights-of-way (each utility) $0
Improved steps and/or walkway $0
Handrails Only $0
Boat launching ramp2 $0
Marine way2 $0
Improved road and turnaround2 $0
Picnic shelter and patios2 $0
Land-based or stationary boathouse2 $0
Pump house2 $0

1 Total amount includes the $35 boat dock permit fee.
Public Law protected items. No new structures of this type will be permitted.
3  Waive fee since activity benefits the project and the public.