Author: Sara Corbett
  • September

    New BEE-ginnings at St. Stephen

    BUZZZZZ. BUZZZZ. A new sound is greeting visitors to the St. Stephen Powerhouse and Fish Lift; bees
  • August

    Ship Simulation Completed for Post 45 Project

    Approximately 730 miles away from Charleston Harbor is another Charleston Harbor. Well, it’s a replica, but an exact replica, complete with Fort Sumter, Arthur Ravenel Bridge, container ships and harbor pilots. So what is a replica of Charleston Harbor doing in Vicksburg, MS?
  • July

    Relaxing After a Hard Day's Work

    Soldiers at Fort Jackson work hard, and to provide them the reprieve they need, the Charleston
  • June

    Charleston District Renovates St. Stephen Fishlift

    When the fish lift at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District’s St. Stephen Powerhouse